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Russian! Masters!

I don’t know Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Scriabin or Rachmaninoff, but the Russian composers I know were pretty awesome. I hope I can still get tickets. Oliver Salonga An Evening of Russian Masters 11 June 2010, 8pm Philam Life Auditorium U.N. Ave., Ermita, Manila For inquiries, please call (+63-917) 847-8040.


Free download: The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction

From The Bibliophile Stalker: Charles Tan, editor of The Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler has just released The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009, an online anthology that reprints sixteen stories written by Filipino authors. Contributors include Dean Francis Alfar, Yvette Tan, Kenneth Yu, and Gabriella Lee. In addition to the stories being available online, readers […]


OK, you may post your comments now

I am a fail.

Apparently this site’s comments function hasn’t been working properly due to a misfunctioning plugin, and it’s been that way for months now. I was wondering why readers kept sending me comments only on Facebook and Twitter, but not here. I should’ve checked this earlier. My bad.

It’s working now. You won’t have any more problems posting comments from now on. Thanks!


Just so you know

My head is killing me. My nose is stuffed up. My throat refuses to work properly. I think I’m going to die.


My poker phase

So I played real poker for the first time last night. And when I say “real”, I mean a game that was not played in my Mom’s dining room, and that did not involve my 10-year-old nephew (by the way, that kid can bluff like no one’s business). It wasn’t as scary as the first time I played mahjong outside the home, actually. [Read the rest at the Entropy Blog]


I’m gonna be on a boat

I haven’t even left for Sing yet, and I already have a ticket to go back there. Aigoo. And here I was still undecided whether I should go back there for R’s farewell party. I guess I’m going now. I’m not complaining — the party’s going to be on an effing yacht. Plane ticket to Sing, $xxx. Being there when we throw R overboard for fun, priceless. [More at The Entropy Blog]


Walang tutugan*

U-KISS interview - Master Showman

At around 9pm last Saturday night, while M., D. and I were hanging out at M’s place, we get a message telling us to get our asses over to GMA 7. Apparently, U-KISS, who were in town for a mall tour, were going to be at a show which will be taping in an hour. I couldn’t name single song of theirs to save my life, but, hey, I love me some k-pop, and D and M liked them, so off we went. [More at The Entropy Blog]


Finally. A montage.

Part 2 of the montage I made of the fancam videos I took of the FT Island Showcase in Manila last March 6. There’s a part 1, but I don’t have the HD version up yet. When I do, I’ll post it here.