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NY’s greetings, from R. in SK, after having lost his L.

So my friend R. was in South Korea for a few hours’ layover a couple of days before the new year, and he sent me a New Year’s Day card he bought at the airport. He usually sends me postcards from the different places he visits (I have one from Latvia!), but the only postcards available had to be purchased by set, so he sent me a card instead. You know how Koreans are obsessed with cuteness? Well, this one was totally cute.

New Year's greeting card
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Eating out: Kogi (Eastwood)

So after going on Carlos Celdran’s fabulous Imelda Tour, F. and I met up with M. and Y. for dinner at Kogi in Eastwood. I already had a tiny sandwich from KFC earlier because I was starving, but I thought I’d have something light while they had dinner. I ordered the kimchi pancake, because it’s the first time I was in a Korean restaurant that had it on their menu, and I’ve always wanted to try it. It was so good! Too bad I couldn’t finish the whole pancake because I had already eaten earlier, but the guys helped finish it off.

Kogi - kimchi pancake

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So I’m on a pasta binge this week. Again. Here’s the first thing I made.

Pasta Carbonara

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I’m sorry

.. but I just had to buy all the Big Bang clear files they had at Space Encounters today. It was selfish of me, I admit. I know there are P.V.I.P.s out there who might want to have the chance to buy one of these, and I denied them that chance. But I just couldn’t ignore the look in T.O.P.’s beautiful eyes asking me to please take him home.

Big Bang clear files

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The Justice System, Courtroom Fashion, Typos and Why You Need to Read the Noli Me Tangere

Today in court

Last Tuesday was the first day of Carlos Celdran‘s trial. The charge? Apparently, he hurt some people’s feelings toward their imaginary friend — a crime in the Philippines. His trial is one of the highlights of the fight for the Reproductive Health Bill, which is encountering a ton of opposition from the Catholic Church and other Catholic organizations, even though the people themselves seem to be all for it. When Carlos entered that church in Ibarra garb, held up a sign saying “Damaso” and shouted to the priests to stop interfering with politics, it was because the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) had been trying to use religion to influence the outcome of the RH Bill’s passing, such as making thinly veiled threats of excommunication towards the president of the country. [Read more: The Entropy Blog]


I’m in love

I found this group accidentally, while hanging out at a Japanese restaurant at the basement of SM Megamall. It so happened they were in town for a promotional mall tour, and their Megamall show was starting in an hour.


A Manifesto in Support of Choice

Tonight, we advocates of social justice and free and informed choice, come together in an expression of solidarity towards the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill.

Whereas the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has repeatedly imposed its agenda upon the government, in clear violation of the principle of the separation of Church and State;


Press Release: RH Bill Advocates Challenge the CBCP in Excommunication Party


Red Tani

Sylvia Estrada-Claudio 

“If supporting the RH Bill means excommunication, then excommunicate me!”

Quezon City (11/26/10) – Over 100 Reproductive Health (RH) advocates are attending an excommunication party to express their support for the RH Bill and dissent against the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Expected attendees are RH Bill advocates from different sectors, including legislators, activists, women’s groups, professionals, and students. The advocates will sign a document that poses a challenge to the CBCP: “If supporting the RH Bill means excommunication, then excommunicate me!”

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Rep. Kaka J. Bag-ao’s sponsorship speech for HB 514

11 women die everyday due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. This, too, is a preventable situation. It can be prevented through the establishment of a national reproductive health policy and program that would give women evidence-based education to address their reproductive needs. If such a program and policy exist, no one would die because of ignorance, and ignorance would not be deadly, just boring.

The moral issue, therefore, is a secular one, and not theological in nature – the status quo is hardly morally perfect. Hundreds of women die because of the lack of a national reproductive health policy. Ang tanong sa atin bilang mga mambabatas ay hahayaan ba natin na magpatuloy itong status quo na ito kahit na marami na ang namamatay?

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More Etude House, and some Face Shop

Like I promised, I dropped by the Skin Food shop yesterday (MegaMall) to check the local prices of the items I had bought from Korea. You know how I estimated the eyeshadow would cost around PhP 400 here? Well, it’s a bit more than that — nearly PhP 500, actually. I ran out of there straight to the Etude House shop, where everything is cute and not overpriced. Ah, happiness.

This was today’s catch:
Etude House/Face Shop haul 2010.11.17


Etude House vs Etude House vs Skin Food vs Skin Food

My friend T. was in South Korea for a holiday a few weeks back. Because he was nice, he offered to pick up some make-up for me. Of course I took him up on his offer, and immediately sent him a shopping list via e-mail.

I love Korean make-up. They’re really good and they’re so inexpensive (I’m kinda cheap). It’s the same with Korean skin care products. What’s more, they’re made for Asian skin, which is always a plus in my book. Of course, Korean make-up is primarily made for the fairer Korean complexion, which gives me a bit of trouble when picking face powder or foundation, but since I discovered Missha, which has a shade (#23) that matches my skin coloring perfectly, I’ve had no other problems.

Here’s what I got:
Korean make-up shopping
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Fanmade “Ender’s Game” trailer

A true “Ender’s Game” movie will be too completely un-PC, but I’m still hoping there’s someone out there so brilliant as to pull it off. We’ve been waiting for years. Someone please make it happen.


Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Philippines 2010 – Part 1

WordCamp is an annual conference held in different countries around the world where Wordpress enthusiasts and experts meet to discuss blogging, talk about the web, and geek out over their favorite CMS (content management system). The Philippines has a WordCamp every year now, but for I missed the registration deadline last year, so I wasn’t able to attend last year. I sword I’d try again this year, and managed to get in. Registration closed months before the event, and I got put on a waitlist, but enough people backed out (thank you!) that there some slots were made available. So yeah, Wordcamp Philippines 2010 last October 2 was my first!