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Finding Jeremy Renner: It’s not stalking if the MMDA gives you a map

Fresh from my monumental failure to get a close-up glimpse of Choi Siwon and his legendary dimples while he and a couple other members of Super Junior were here to shoot a commercial last week, I’ve decided that Jeremy Renner will not escape me. He, Rachel Weisz, and Edward Norton will be in Manila till […]

Planking. More fun in the Philippines

It would’ve been more fun if I had taken better photos

So I had a lot of fun with the Department of Tourism’s new viral campaign today. So many funny and cool photos online. One of my favorites from and this one (author unknown) from of Mayon volcano. There are lots more here — but don’t forget to go back every once in a […]

Romulo Café

Eating my way through the holidays: Romulo Cafe

So, the holidays happened. That meant a lot of get-togethers with friends and family. I had planned to try to find new places to dine, and document each meal in a blog post, but there are only so many hours in a day, and those Dexter episodes aren’t going to watch themselves, y’know? Fortunately for […]



It’s 3am and I’m still full from Christmas dinner, much like a lot of you. As per tradition every Christmas Eve, a couple of my friends and I had dinner out at Italianni’s (it stays open past midnight, till around 1 am). They usually don’t drink much, but we always have wine during our noche […]

Trese Vol.4: Last Seen After Midnight

Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight

I got to the launch of Kajo Baldisimo and Budjette Tan’s “Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight” really, really late. I missed the Q&A. But when I got there the line for the book signing was so long…

Trese 4:Last Seen After Midnight book launch at Bestsellers in Robinson's Galleria - 8 October 2011

… I decided, upon Y’s suggestion, to join them for dinner first and take care of some work stuff, then come back later.

London postcard

The London post

I got another postcard from R. a week and a half ago.

London postcard

World Food Expo 2011

World Food Expo 2011: The one where we nearly stole a cake

World Food Expo 2011

We were so excited seeing all the industrial food-making equipment people thought we were restauranteurs or something. Nah, just cooking geeks. Which was why we came to the World Food Expo at the World Trade Center (it was held in two venues, actually, the second being the SMEX convention center, but we didn’t have time to drop by there yet).


Subspace and coffee floats

So this post is a bit late. *sheepish*

A few weeks ago, Wilmer had his post-birthday party at his as-yet not-open-for-business Subspace Coffee House on Emerald Ave, on the corner of Garnet. It was my first time to see the place fully furnished, and with actual coffee-making going on. The four baristas were in attendance, and we had coffee and cupcakes — but for free!

Subspace Coffee House

Subspace Coffee House - Sweet Purple Potato Latte


The Singapore brunch bunch

Finally recovered a bit from the Korean Music Wave concert last Friday night (nothing like standing in the moshpit for 5 hours to remind yourself that you’re no longer a spring chicken, and that maybe you need to go back to hitting the gym) to have brunch at Epicurious at Robertson Walk on Sunday. I had the Full Monty, below, which came with fresh orange juice and coffee.

The Full Monty, at Epicurious (Robertson Walk, Singapore)

Tribeca Mushroom Pizza by Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab: Tribeca mushroom pizza

So, I had my first slice when the delivery guy brought it in, all hot and fresh from the oven (the pizza, not the guy). I didn’t think it was that good. Then I popped the rest (no way I could eat an entire 14″ pizza all by myself, despite what you’ve heard) in the ref, and later heated up another slice and ate it. It tasted better, for some reason.

Doctor Who shirt by Geekerie

Geek shirt is geeky

Apparently, my camera is temperamental these days, and will only take decent shots if I take them. So I had Dek hold up the Doctor Who shirt I got from Geekerie so I could take a photo.