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You’re welcome

Despite my seemingly happy demeanor, too many things offend me. This is what comes from being an atheist feminist skeptic liberal living in the lovely Philippine Islands. How do I cope, you ask? By taking things in perspective, that’s how. And being charitable when judging people, appreciating them for who they are, and understanding their side of things.

It is in this vein that I wrote this post in the Filipino Freethinkers website. You’re welcome.


Go indie. (Or not, whatever.)

It used to be that writers had two choices if they wanted to get published: find a publisher to accept their book, or spend a ton of money to print their books and sell them themselves. Now, with the advent of Amazon and ebooks and mobile reading devices, writers can now publish independently and be […]


Being even more sociable

I’m now on Look me up: taniaarpa (Also testing this wordpress app. Hope this works!)

3rd Filipino Freethinkers Forum - "Reason, Science and Secularism"

Reason, Science and Secularism Forum 2012

Free Carlos Celdran rally

What are you guys up to on April 1? We’re having the annual Filipino Freethinkers Forum in the afternoon, at the UP-Ayalaland Technohub (registration is free and starts at 1.30pm). We’ll be talking about the reproductive health bill, freedom of expression, LGBT rights, science, and freedom of religion. SPIT (Silly People’s Improv Theater) will be performing. We will be announcing the winners of the Reason Award, the Science Award and the Secularism Award. And giving away a special Bigot Award (a cash prize of PhP 10,000 will be given to the organization or cause the awardee has p*ssed off the most — everybody wins!).


The one where I play an evil doctor

I haven’t had the chance to do a dramatic protest thingy since the Women’s Day March last year (sadly, my blood pack didn’t work properly), so I’m pretty psyched about this one later today. I will play an evil doctor. There will be no blood this time, only lots of hamminess — and socio-political awareness (I hope).

RHAN Press Release
27 March, 2012

Women’s Lament for Lent: Stop Maternal Death!

“Mother as warrior and survivor” will be the highlight of Lenten rituals organized by the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN), the largest coalition made up of women’s and other sectoral groups. The event called, “Pasyon: “Panaghoy at Pagbangon ng Kababaihan” brings women to three “stations” or tableaus reminiscent of the Pasyon. The first depicts maternal agony and death; the second depicts the institutions that prevent her from achieving full maternal health and well-being; and the third, a pledge to fight together as women and prevail over her ‘enemies’- the church hierarchy, and insensitive governance that has yet to decide whether women’s lives are worth saving.

dead hooker

This is me…

… role-playing a dead hooker in a wooden trunk.

Dead hooker


To my fellow Pinoys working on The Bourne Legacy

I apologize for all the people complaining about the traffic caused by the filming. Apparently, we are used to filming our car chase scenes half-assed and cannot wrap our heads around why a complicated fifteen-minute action scene in a movie takes weeks to finish. We are happy to suffer year after year the corruption and […]

Jeremy Renner "Why is everyone staring at my pants?"

With apologies to Jeremy Renner

Dear JRen: Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. That expression on your face was just begging for a macro. You know we love you, right? Best, T (Fine, here’s the context.)


Finding Jeremy Renner: It’s not stalking if you don’t take photos (Part 1)

This is the fifth in a series of posts featuring the accounts of an innocent bystander at the filming of the movie The Bourne Legacy in the Philippines, and about how stalking is the new cardio. The two are not necessarily related. Saturday, 18 February 2012 The cab driver drove me to the middle of […]

Women at the Top

Celebrating women leaders in politics, business, science and the arts

“Women hold up half the sky.” — ancient Chinese proverb Aung San Suu Kyi. Lady Gaga. Hilary Clinton. Wangari Maathai. Emily Abrera. In case you haven’t noticed, women have become a more powerful force in the world today. More than merely influencing business, politics, science and entertainment, they’re taking the lead in their respective industries […]

Monteroso Clan Super-Reunion

Super-Reunion feat. the Romanovs

… will be the name of my next band. The descendants of my great-great grandparents Blas and Blasa Monteroso had a family reunion last Saturday in Cabadbaran City. That’s about five generations, so it was a pretty huge gathering. We had shirts that were color-coded according to which Monteroso sibling we were descended from. Great […]


Pintakasi victory party and The Lam-Ang Experiment sort-of launch

We thought we were in the wrong place. Mike invited us to the launch of a graphic novel he wrote, a re-emagining of the Ilocano epic “Biag ni Lam-Ang”. But when we got to the Collective (Malugay St., Makati City), all we could find was a party for some movie. Obviously, I should learn to […]


Finding Jeremy Renner: It’s not stalking if the SWAT guys don’t take away your camera

I usually prefer doing my stalking in nice places with A/C — press conferences in hotel function rooms, bookstores, etc. However, when this isn’t possible and it’s been three weeks yet you could not find the time to hang around the hotel till your, uh, target shows up (what with stupid stuff like work getting in the way), you get creative. And by creative, I mean take a 2-hour bus ride to a fish port in the outskirts of the Metro.

Jeremy Renner - The Bourne Legacy shoot - Navotas fish port - Philippines


Blue Bananas

Introduce your child, or your niece/nephew/inaanak/little bro/little sis to the wonderful world of art. Mae Astrid Tobias’s talent as a storyteller has been recognized by both the Palanca and the National Book awards. Her story, Blue Bananas, has just been published by the Crucible Gallery. It is about a boy who meets the painter Mauro […]

Sushi - Vikings

I needed the extra sushi to make up for the calories I lost walking around

If you really think about it, the buffet is the worst way to eat. You’re stuffing yourself with more food than you really need because it’s, well, there. All those flavors are so mixed up on your palate that you can’t really make sense of them all afterwards. Each dish becomes a fleeting memory overwhelmed […]