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So we’re TV producers now …

I didn’t say anything when we applied for it, because I didn’t want to jinx it, but my company did join the National Council for Children’s Television‘s Nationwide Search for the Coolest Television Program Proposals for Children, and we won. Well, one of our entries won. All the four entries we submitted were among the 11 finalists, which was pretty cool in on itself. Each of the companies behind the three winning pitches will be given a start-up fund to finance the production of the pilot episode.

This is one of those times where I’m reminded how lucky I am that I get to work with such incredibly talented people. When we joined the Search, I offered whatever I could. Which wasn’t really much, as I didn’t know much about television, or how shows are made. The proposals were developed by the others, and all I could offer was mostly just encouragement. Even when I presented the pitches (I did two of the four), one of them — the winning entry — wasn’t even my pitch. M. developed it and did the first draft of the PowerPoint. I showed up, smiled at the panel, and did the best presentation I could.

So, yeah, my business partners and I are now television producers. Which is completely amazing, since we all met at an online forum for fans of a television show and its creator. Seriously. Granted, three of us were working at the same company at the time, but we only really started to hang out together when we discovered our mutual love of good television. Then we discovered that we were all geeks, and that we loved to write. We started doing stuff together, like watch movies and do long viewing marathons of TV shows. One day, we realized we’d become friends.

We’re not millionaires yet, or even famous. And all we have is a chance to produce a television pilot. It could go nowhere, or the right people could see something special in what we’re trying to do and give us a chance to see it through. All I know is that we’re all going to do our best to make something we can be proud of. Because we have this guy to inspire us. His shows and movies didn’t always make a lot of money, or win a lot of awards. But there was a small number of us who did see something special in his stories. And although we were few, there were enough of us that he could keep doing what he did. Recently, he has been able to gift his magic to a great number of other people. And he’s now stinking rich. My point is, we want to be rich. And make good television.

Wish us luck.


  1. Wenjy

    Congatulations, tangs! You’re gonna be famous! I’m so proud of you and your company.


    Your biggest fan =)


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