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How to expose yourself without getting arrested (or The marketing workshop for writers)

Author at Once Chapter 2: Marketing

Tomorrow, Saturday, 14 July, I’ll be giving a talk on social media at a writers workshop called “Author at Once Chapter 2: Marketing”. Author at Once is a workshop series by our company Bronze Age Media aimed at helping writers get published. Although the workshops emphasize indie publishing — publishing your work without traditional book publishing companies — we try to present material that will also be useful to writers who have already been traditionally published or are trying to get a contract with a traditional publisher. My talk on social media marketing is for both published and unpublished writers, and those who want to publish independently or through a publishing house. Even traditionally published and established authors do social media marketing, and tomorrow’s workshop will try to teach you how to do it as painlessly as possible.

“But I hate doing Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/etc.!” you say. We understand! Not everyone likes to be social or get friendly with strangers online. At Author at Once Chapter 2, we will address these concerns and help you craft a social media marketing plan that will suit your personality, your schedule, and the author image you’d like to put out there. We believe there’s a marketing plan that will work for each type of author and book. Oh, and in case you were wondering, AAO Chapter 2 will also tackle the topic of marketing through traditional media, which will be presented by my colleague and buddy Amy Mosura, who’s had years of experience working in television, newspapers and magazines.

So I hope I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Slots are limited, so we encourage interested individuals to register at our website before the workshop, so we can expect you. However, if you missed the online registration, you can still just pop in as we do accept walk-in participants (we can’t guarantee seats for walk-ins, though, which is why we encourage online registration). The workshop will be from 2-6 pm at Cafeccino by Dome in Eastwood Mall. For inquiries, call us at (+63-2) 399-7764 or email us at

Here’s Author at Once Chapter 2: Marketing main speaker — my friend and multi-talented best-selling author Mina V. Esguerra — on ANC Alerts talking about AAO and how local writers can get a global audience for their books.

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