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Curiosity Got the Chef: The Nerd Edition

Chef Sharwin Tee invited the staff of Mangojuiced to visit the set of his cooking show Curiosity Got the Chef during last Saturday’s taping. We were pretty psyched. We loved food and we loved television (I’m pretty fascinated myself with how tv shows are made) so we took him up on his invite.

Three of us ended up joining Sharwin in front of the camera. He needed a few friends to join him for a little party, and because we’re the kind of people who like to say yes to life (and because I’m a massive attention whore), we agreed to do it. Besides, there was strawberry shortcake (!!!) for dessert. We chatted and ate the yummy food he cooked earlier in the episode.

This is me and Mike after the make-up lady made us look a bit more tv-friendly. If you’ve seen my previous tv appearance (a Women’s Day march where I’m covered with fake blood that made it to the news), you will agree this is a vast improvement:


Not in the photo: Sheila who was happy to show her mug on cable tv but not on my blog (hmph).

Just before we went on camera, someone from production asked if a couple of us would remove our glasses for the taping. We looked at one another and realized that episode was looking to turn into the Revenge of the Nerds edition of the show. Because Sheila and I were generous and self-sacrificing, we volunteered to be the ones to go without our glasses so Mike could keep his.

We’re posting a behind-the-scenes article on Mangojuiced, with photos and all, in the next few days. Watch out for it!

So, what do you think ?