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Not exactly the ending I expected


… but it was good and satisfying. And to be fair, the manga that “Skip Beat” was based on hadn’t concluded yet at the time they wrote the script for this (someone told me this but I’m too tired to Google-fu right now to confirm it).

If you’re used to western tv dramas, this Taiwanese adaptation of a Japanese graphic novel starring two Korean actors looks a bit weird. For one thing, it has the subtlety of a stampeding herd of rhinos.
Half the lines are inner dialogue, and there are flashbacks to scenes that happen two seconds earlier. However, it’s a good story, the cast is wonderful, and it’s funny. The characters are extremely likable, it has lines like “I didn’t think I need a chicken to teach me what love is”, and a scene where the heroine on a bike outruns a flying Superman. Also…


Choi Siwon in Skip Beat


… Siwon looks really good in a, uh, tie. And in pretty much anything else.


“Skip Beat” is the story of a girl, Gong Xi, who devotes her life to supporting her best friend and love of her life Bu Po and his ambitions to become a pop star. One day she realizes he had no feelings for her and had only been using her, she decides she would take revenge by … becoming a star herself. As luck would have it, she ends up as a trainee in the biggest talent agency in the country and her unexpected and reluctant mentor is Lien, a famous and talented actor. Gong Xi is not sure if he hates her for pursuing an acting career without real passion and for such ridiculous reasons, or if he’s really her new best friend. Lien isn’t sure himself why he keeps thinking about her all the time. You know where this is going.

Some of you who caught my tweets while I was watching this months ago may be wondering why it took me so long to finish it. The reason is that fangirling is exhausting. Everytime Lien/Siwon appears in a scene, I squeal. Everytime he frowns at Gong Xi, I squeal. Everytime he flashes a smile and those dimples, I have to grip the armrests of the chair or the edges of my desk and struggle to not pass out. Watching a single 70-minute episode is like running a 5-kilometer sprint — I need lots of water and a nap afterwards.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some water and a lie-down.

“Skip Beat” stars the wonderful Ivy Chen, and Siwon and Donghae of the Korean idol group Super Junior.

So, what do you think ?