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Go indie. (Or not, whatever.)


It used to be that writers had two choices if they wanted to get published: find a publisher to accept their book, or spend a ton of money to print their books and sell them themselves. Now, with the advent of Amazon and ebooks and mobile reading devices, writers can now publish independently and be read all over the world.

Sounds exciting, right?

My company, Bronze Age Media, is holding a workshop on Saturday, May 5 called “Author at Once”. Writers and wannabe-writers will learn how to publish their work on Amazon from Mina V. Esguerra, best-selling author of Summit Books’ “My Imaginary Ex” and “No Strings Attached”, as well as an independent publisher of her own books “Fairy Tale Fail” and “Interim Goddess of Love.” IP specialist Atty. Maricris Jan Tobias will talk about the basic points of copyright and IP law for writers.

For writers who are looking to be published by a publishing company, you’ll learn what books publishers are looking for, and how to pitch your book to them.

For more info on Author at Once, contact Bronze Age Media at or at(632) 399-7764. You may also register at the BAM website. Author At Once is supported by Summit Books and Books on Demand Philippines.

So, what do you think ?