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To my fellow Pinoys working on The Bourne Legacy


I apologize for all the people complaining about the traffic caused by the filming. Apparently, we are used to filming our car chase scenes half-assed and cannot wrap our heads around why a complicated fifteen-minute action scene in a movie takes weeks to finish. We are happy to suffer year after year the corruption and terrible traffic caused by inept officials we keep re-electing into office, but we won’t make sacrifices to create anything good. Which is why all the “Pinoy pride” we have these days is for the accomplishments individual Filipinos have done — Lea Salonga, Manny Pacquiao, etc. Basically, we only like to be proud of accomplishments where someone else had to do the hard work, and we can sit back and say: “Yes, we come from the same country. They’re awesome, and that means I am too, even if I did nothing to contribute to their success. I’m so proud of them!”


P.S. I’ve no right to be proud of you, but I think you guys are doing a fantastic job.

So, what do you think ?