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Super-Reunion feat. the Romanovs


… will be the name of my next band.

The descendants of my great-great grandparents Blas and Blasa Monteroso had a family reunion last Saturday in Cabadbaran City. That’s about five generations, so it was a pretty huge gathering. We had shirts that were color-coded according to which Monteroso sibling we were descended from. Great Grandma Anastacia’s descendants were in purple. That’s my and my cousin L.

Monteroso Clan Super-Reunion

Because we were descended from Great Grandma Anastacia, we decided we were gonna be the Romanovs.

Cabadbaran is a quaint town an hour’s drive from Butuan City. We kicked off the day with a two-hour long service at the Aglipayan church.

Aglipayan church

Aglipayan church

I didn’t attend, so while waiting for the service to end, I went around the plaza looking at old houses. I love old houses.

Cabadbaran house

Cabadbaran house

Cabadbaran house

There was a party after, but not before we had a short parade around the town. I’m not kidding. It started late because the marching band was still hungover from the previous night’s celebration because it was the Dagkot festival.

Dagkot festival - Cabadbaran

There will be no photos of the parade here because it would be too embarrassing. There are certain things you just have to keep in the family.

So, what do you think ?