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Finding Jeremy Renner: He’s eating a burrito, all your arguments are invalid


This is from the series of posts about stalking fangirling at The Bourne Legacy filming here in Metro Manila.

You know how once in a while, you wake up and say, “Hey, maybe I’ll go to Luneta today”? Well, the Bourne Legacy has been filming here in Metro Manila for about a month now, and will be filming till February (or March, according to the rumors), so for the past week, I could get up in the morning and say to myself, “Hey, maybe I should go see Jeremy Renner today.” Only while the Rizal monument stays pretty much in the same place, you need Google-fu, contacts and luck finding where in the Metro the Bourne filming will be taking place that day.

Yesterday, it was at the Pasay-Taft rotonda. B. was already at the site by the time I’d left the house, but she said she’d wait for me. It looked like the shoot was going to go on till the afternoon, and filming had to stop for a bit because it had started to rain.

Turns out they were shooting at the Taft MRT station, including the footbridge. In the scene, a bunch of extras (a lot of them, actually) were crammed on the bridge while Jeremy and Rachel Weisz made their way through. A bunch of buses were hired to be part of the shoot, and I found out later through a tv news report that the stars were either jumping off the footbridge onto a bus, or jumping off a bus to climb up the footbridge. Either way, it sounds fun. A small part of the MRT station was left unpartitioned so commuters could pass. So B. and I went through the station pretending we were just trying to get to the other side and, hello, there was Rachel Weisz standing in the middle of the mob of extras. Crew and security people kept trying to get the people to walk right ahead and not stand there gawking, and reminding them taking photos were not allowed. So of course I took out my cellphone and tried to take a photo.

The Bourne Legacy filming in Manila - Rachel Weisz in a straw hat

That was the best I could do. So, yeah, that’s Rachel Weisz wearing the straw hat. I had to put my phone away, I was afraid the security people would take it. Apparently, if they see you take a photo, one of the security guys would follow you and make you delete the pictures. Scary.

We kept walking and OMG THERE WAS JEREMY RENNER. In a black jacket. And he looked amazing. I mean, he’s cute wearing anything, but he looks especially edible when he’s in black. I didn’t even care that I couldn’t take a picture. B. and I were spazzing like a bunch of idiots. But we were professionals. Professional fangirls, that is. We went down from the MRT station, bought some water at the 7-11 (fangirling makes you thirsty) … and went back up the station to take another look. Then did the whole thing again. And again. Basically, we went through the station about 10 times.

Through all that, we saw Jeremy without his jacket, only wearing that ubiquitous grey shirt and pants whose color I cannot recall. Jeremy talking cheerfully with one of the people on the set (I was glad the heat and the crowd didn’t make him cranky). Jeremy eating a burrito. Jeremy discussing scenes with someone in the crew. Jeremy standing there studying the scene that was set up. Unlike the time I saw him in Navotas, he wasn’t wearing sunglasses, so I finally got to see his beautiful eyes.

This was definitely more fun than Luneta.

At some point one of the crowd-control guys noticed that B. and I had been going back and forth a lot more times than was humanly necessary for people who were actually planning on riding the damn train. “You guys enjoying yourselves?” he asked. “YES!!” we replied.

Team Renner Manila!

Team Renner Manila! Photo by @betchaiiiii

Finally, after two hours we decided we had enough fun for the day and it was time for us to leave the cast and crew to their work. B. had to go see her parents and I had Rock Band with my friends in Mandaluyong. I took the train.

So, what do you think ?