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Blue Bananas


Introduce your child, or your niece/nephew/inaanak/little bro/little sis to the wonderful world of art. Mae Astrid Tobias’s talent as a storyteller has been recognized by both the Palanca and the National Book awards. Her story, Blue Bananas, has just been published by the Crucible Gallery. It is about a boy who meets the painter Mauro Malang Santos.

Blue Bananas by Mae Astrid Tobias
From Pinktikbalang:

Gino’s in trouble. Mrs. Manalo asked the class to show her their favorite fruit or vegetable. Gino already drew his favorite – bananas but everyone is using all the yellow crayons. All the crayons left are black, brown, and blue. Blue bananas? Who has ever seen a blue banana?


A chance encounter with Filipino painter Mauro Malang Santos gives a little boy a chance to explore his own creativity and discover the boundless ways of expression through art.
The Crucible Gallery publishes Blue Bananas, a story by Mae Astrid Tobias with illustrations by Leo Agtuca.

Blue Bananas is one of several children’s books published by the Crucible Gallery and the Crucible Workshop to encourage children about art, and to inform them about the work of Filipino visual artist, Malang.

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