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Finding Jeremy Renner: It’s not stalking if the MMDA gives you a map


Fresh from my monumental failure to get a close-up glimpse of Choi Siwon and his legendary dimples while he and a couple other members of Super Junior were here to shoot a commercial last week, I’ve decided that Jeremy Renner will not escape me. He, Rachel Weisz, and Edward Norton will be in Manila till at least the middle of February to shoot The Bourne Legacy. Yes, my town. They’re reportedly staying at the Manila Pen, which is, like, 15 minutes away from where I live (in Metro Manila, that means 25 minutes in rush hour traffic, 5 minutes if there’s been a plague, everyone is dead and the streets are deserted). They will be shooting in the country for a whole month, in various places, and it was nice of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to give us a map.

View "The Bourne Legacy" Shoot Locations in the Philippines in a larger map

Stalking skills are a point of pride among k-pop fangirls such as myself. Although in my case, I had already successfully positioned myself to be within a meter of Neil Gaiman during the days he did his signing the first time he was in Manila — I got a volunteer job in the bookstore (also got to hug him a couple of times, and talk to him). That was way before I got into k-pop. After Neil in Manila, I managed to bribe, beg and annoy my way into getting, uh, press passes to the Rain press conference in September of 2010, and the 2NE1 press con in June last year.

The question is, could I manage to stalk my way to a huge Hollywood star? Sure, Daniel Henney, who was at the press con with Rain previously appeared in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, but I was too busy fangirling Rain to pay him much attention. Jeremy reportedly doesn’t allow personal photographs anymore, as it was causing too much of “a stir”, but all I want to do is ask him what it was like to work with Joss Whedon (also check out this). See? Totally harmless. Someone give me a press pass, please.

Jeremy Renner with a fan in Manila

From the 'Because Candy Says So' blog -- Jeremy Renner with a fan that is not me


Shooting locations in Manila and dates:

Jan. 11 to 13 (Wednesday to Friday) – Leveriza St. from Quirino to San Andres
Jan. 11 to 13 (Wednesday to Friday) – San Andres St. from Orosa to Guerrero
Jan. 14 (Saturday) – San Andres St. from Guerrero to Taft Ave.
Jan. 15 (Sunday) – Leveriza St. from Ilang-ilang to Quirino Ave.
Jan. 15 (Sunday) – Quirino Ave. from M. Adriatico to Bagong Lipunan
Jan. 18 and 19 (Wednesday and Thursday) – Jorge Bocobo St., corner Remedios Circle
Jan. 18 and 19 (Wednesday and Thursday) – Remedios Circle
Jan. 25 (Wednesday), Feb. 17 and 18 (Friday and Saturday) – Sta. Lucia St.
Jan. 25 (Wednesday), Feb. 17 and 18 (Friday and Saturday) – Real St.
Jan. 25 (Wednesday), Feb. 17 and 18 (Friday and Saturday) – Riverside Drive
Feb. 5 (Sunday) – Jones Bridge
Feb. 8 to 15 (Wednesday to Wednesday) – Ramon Magsaysay Blvd.

No specific dates yet indicated for the following places:

Marikina City Public Market
Ayala Ave. (Makati)
Navotas City Fish Port
EDSA corner Taft Ave.
El Nido, Palawan


So, what do you think ?