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It would’ve been more fun if I had taken better photos


So I had a lot of fun with the Department of Tourism’s new viral campaign today. So many funny and cool photos online. One of my favorites from

Yoda. More fun in the Philippines

Fireworks. More fun in the Philippinesand this one (author unknown) from of Mayon volcano. There are lots more here — but don’t forget to go back every once in a while, because the page is being updated with more photos regularly.

Oh, and here’s another favorite from Deepa Paul-Plazo:

I went through my photo archives to find stuff I could use. Turns out, because of my refusal to learn how to use a proper SLR camera, coupled with my fondness for staying indoors (read:geek), I didn’t have a lot I could use. Anyway, I’m glad my friends dragged me to Ocean World that one time.

Window shopping. More fun in the Philippines

Planking. More fun in the Philippines

I didn’t even have to go to a New Year’s Eve street party for this. I was at home in my flat, taking photos of the fireworks outside my window. Yes, that’s how awesome New Year’s Eve in the Philippines is.

New Year's Eve. More fun in the Philippines

And this was taken during lunch at Crisostomo at Eastwood:

Fishballs. More fun in the Philippines

This one I made from my friend Karl’s photo. (Just in case you don’t get it, we’re reenacting the Last Supper. That’s me on Jesus’ left.)

Atheists. More fun in the Philippines

If you’d like to join in the fun, Jayvee Fernandez has a how-to blog post, including a link to download the font used in the photos.

Congratulations on the new campaign, DOT! Looking forward to many more awesome crowd-sourced pictures in the days/months to come.

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