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Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight


I got to the launch of Kajo Baldisimo and Budjette Tan’s “Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight” really, really late. I missed the Q&A. But when I got there the line for the book signing was so long…

Trese 4:Last Seen After Midnight book launch at Bestsellers in Robinson's Galleria - 8 October 2011

… I decided, upon Y’s suggestion, to join them for dinner first and take care of some work stuff, then come back later. It turns out my friends, who arrived before I did, also hadn’t gotten their books signed yet either. Anyway, we did come back when the signing officially ended, and Kajo and Budjette were nice enough to stay long enough to chat and autograph our books. M. was cheeky and asked Kajo to draw something for him. Obviously, I could not let that stand, so I asked Kajo for a drawing as well.

Trese Vol.4: Last Seen After Midnight

All in all, it was a fantastic turnout. I’m pretty sure the fans had, like me, been eagerly anticipating the new volume for ages. Congratulations, Kajo and Budjette! Looking forward to reading Trese 4 tonight.

So, what do you think ?