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The Singapore brunch bunch


Finally recovered a bit from the Korean Music Wave concert last Friday night (nothing like standing in the moshpit for 5 hours to remind yourself that you’re no longer a spring chicken, and that maybe you need to go back to hitting the gym) to have brunch at Epicurious at Robertson Walk on Sunday. I had the Full Monty, below, which included beans, bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms and toast, and was served with fresh orange juice and coffee.

Epicurious at Robertson Walk

D had the breakfast burrito. Will try that next time.

Breakfast Burrito

Met some lovely new people who had brunch with us: D’s friends who used to live in Sing and are also visiting for the weekend. (That’s me on the left.)

The brunch bunch

The brunch bunch

Epicurious was apparently a really popular brunch place, because it had a sign that said you could only have your table for an hour and a half, and by 11.30, the place was packed. When we got there at 10.30, there were something like three unoccupied tables. It was along the river — I forgot to take a photo, sorry — and other than the people there for brunch, there were also some joggers and people riding scooters and bikes with their kids. Perfect brunch place, except D and I kept squinting because we forgot our sunglasses.

Goodbye, Singapore! Will come back as soon as D is willing to put up with me in her flat again. LOL.

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