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Free Comic Book Day - May 7 2011
It’s Free Comic Book Day on Saturday!

Every year on the first Saturday of May, comic bookstores give away free comic books. Geeks and anyone else who wants to sample a bunch of comics for free line up as early as 7-8 am so as not to miss out. Admittedly, the only comic book I’ve been reading recently is the Buffy one, but that’s mostly because I haven’t been reading much lately (will rectify this soon!). However, I always enjoy the stuff I get from FCBD. I wonder how many free comics I can score this year. It will be hard to hit all the shops that have FCBD, but I’ll try!

So far, these are the places I’ve found that will be participating in FCBD:

  1. Comic Odyssey (Robinson’s Galleria, 10.30am-10pm) – This year, they’re also giving away comics by local indie artists.
  2. National Bookstore (NBS booth, Metro Comic Con, 2pm onwards) – Is this the first time NBS will be participating? Because I don’t remember them doing FCBD before. Yay!
  3. Planet X Comics Shop (Glorietta 4 and Trinoma branches (all day) – Don’t think I’ve ever been to Planet X before. Hope I can still swing it after Comic Odyssey and Metrocon.

If there are any other places I’ve missed, let me know. By the way, not only do these shops give out free comics, but they have tons of stuff on sale — sometimes you can get as much as 50% off a comic book. So even if you don’t get as many free comics as you want (like if you get there late — so skip the gimik on Friday night and be at the shop early) you can still get a good deal on some great titles.

See you on FCBD!

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