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Geekfight! 90’s Edition (8 April 2011)


Every month, somewhere in the Metro, there is Geekfight. A bunch of, well, geeks gather in groups at a bar (usually Quantum) to compete in a live trivia contest. The prize? Who cares. This is for honor

We are team Slayers! (Yes, our name includes an exclamation point.) No, we are not fans of the rock band, but a certain TV show about high school and vampires. That’s how we look like during a fight. We’re looking at the screen where the questions are flashed, thinking, yelling at each other. Wondering why we never have answers for RPG or video game questions.

When we don’t know the answer, we just write down something funny. If our (wrong) answer is funny enough, we get chocolate. We got two that night. One of them was for the answer “I gave up Bruno Mars tickets for this.”

This is Quark. He is quizmaster. Or should that be fightmaster? Anyway, I think everyone got the answer to this question.

We got 4th place. Hooray! Even more awesome was the fact that we got a perfect score in the “90’s Television” category. Apparently all we did in college was watch TV. (Except me — all I did was drink, which was why I did not get to contribute much to this.)

Thanks to Quark for hosting a great Geekfight. And an awesome powerpoint. (For purposes of national security, we had to redact one of our teammates in this photo.)

See you at the next Geekfight!


  1. amyslayer

    One of them was for the answer “I gave up Bruno Mars tickets for this.”

    No, it wasn’t, it was for “I just peed in the pool” by “Everyone at this table” instead of “Letter to God” by “Douglas Coupland.” I’m very proud of that answer.

    • tania

      What?? But that was an awesome answer! We should’ve gotten three tootsie rolls. *pout*


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