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NY’s greetings, from R. in SK, after having lost his L.


So my friend R. was in South Korea for a few hours’ layover a couple of days before the new year, and he sent me a New Year’s Day card he bought at the airport. He usually sends me postcards from the different places he visits (I have one from Latvia!), but the only postcards available had to be purchased by set, so he sent me a card instead. You know how Koreans are obsessed with cuteness? Well, this one was totally cute.

New Year's greeting card

I only got it the other day. For the past few weeks, R. had been asking me if I’d gotten the card, and we thought the airport people must’ve not posted it because R. was yelling at them earlier for having lost his luggage. Also, in the card, he wrote something that S.Koreans wouldn’t find very funny (yeah, he was really upset about his luggage). Anyway, I’m planning to go to South Korea later this year. Going to buy me a whole bunch of greeting cards for sure.

So, what do you think ?