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Eating out: Kogi (Eastwood)


So after going on Carlos Celdran’s fabulous Imelda Tour, F. and I met up with M. and Y. for dinner at Kogi in Eastwood. I already had a tiny sandwich from KFC earlier because I was starving, but I thought I’d have something light while they had dinner. I ordered the kimchi pancake (around PhP 130+), because it was the first time I was in a Korean restaurant that had it on their menu, and I’d always wanted to try it. It was so good! Too bad I couldn’t finish the whole pancake because I had already eaten earlier, but the guys helped finish it off.

Kogi - kimchi pancake

In true Korean fashion, it was served with some side dishes.

Kogi-side dishes

F. had the crab roll (around PhP 200). The whole roll is quite large, enough for a meal. I remembered to take a photo of it before the last piece was gone. It was also quite good. I wasn’t a fan of Korean “maki” dishes, because all the ones I’ve had were made with vegetables and were rather bland. But this one tasted like a California maki, but a bit different.

Kogi - Crab roll

They also had Korean ice-cream sandwiches and ice pops. I had the chocolate ice-cream sandwich, but I forgot to take a photo. I wish I had more room for another dish or two, but I would have to try the other dishes next time I’m at Eastwood. The ambiance was quite nice. The interior was clean, gleaming, and brightly lit. Also, they played k-pop — but at such a low volume, I could barely make out the songs. Of course, it didn’t matter, as my friends and I talk too much over meals anyway.

So, what do you think ?