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I’m sorry


.. but I just had to buy all the Big Bang clear files they had at Space Encounters today. It was selfish of me, I admit. I know there are P.V.I.P.s out there who might want to have the chance to buy one of these, and I denied them that chance. But I just couldn’t ignore the look in T.O.P.’s beautiful eyes asking me to please take him home.

Side A
Big Bang clear files

Side B
Big Bang clear files

There’s still a lot of other K-Pop merchandise available at Space Encounters. The shop is at

Unit B Mezzanine
Padilla Condominium Building
F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Avenue)
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Philippines 1605

Contact nos:
Tel/Fax: +632 910.8031
Tel: +632 408.2641
Mobile: +632 917.795.6739


  1. solrei

    WAAAAAAAAH SABAW!? Halimaw ate!? Gusto ko lahat ng binili mo!? Ikaw na ang mapalad??WAAAAH MAGLULUPASAY MGA PVIPs pg nkta nla ito BWAHAHAHAHAHA NAIIMAGINE KO NA!? *evil laugh* they’ll bleed to death to the point na malulunod cla sa sariling dugo nla BWAHAHAHAHA.. Yea i know i’m morbid ;p


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