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I love this music video so f*cking much


It has a tank. And bubble wrap. And two hot men. Oh, and an awesome song. I can’t wait for the next videos from this album. In the meantime, I’m playing this over and over and over and over…

GD&TOP – “Knock Out”

This video was released yesterday. I was home, sick with the flu, so this cheered me to no end. I’ve been listening to the album (GD&TOP vol. 1) over and over since it premiered on Christmas eve day — that is, until I had to stop because I was LSSing* on all the songs. Yes, this album has no filler. Every single is wonderful, and deserves its own music video. And not just because there should be more videos with T.O.P. in them. GD and T.O.P. — the two rappers of the k-pop idol group Big Bang (a.k.a. my boys) — bring a whole new standard of awesomeness to k-pop, not just for singing and rapping through this great album, but for writing and producing it as well. Can’t wait for volume 2. Oh, and Big Bang will be coming out with a new album in a couple of months. It’s safe to say, our expectations have reached new heights.

(Apparently, GD and T.O.P. are banned from performing this song in the music shows of the top three Korean networks. Because the title was deemed “violent”. Oh, Korea. ILY, but you are so weird sometimes.)

*LSS: last song syndrome

So, what do you think ?