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I’m in love


It’s One Way’s new music video, off their first full-length album which is dropping next month. When I say “new”, I mean it just got released tonight.

I found this group accidentally, while hanging out at a Japanese restaurant at the basement of SM Megamall. It so happened they were in town for a promotional mall tour, and their Megamall show was starting in an hour. Their video “Magic” was playing repeatedly on the widescreen, and it sounded interesting so I stayed to watch. At the end of the day, I had an autographed CD and a bunch of videos taken from my camera. Oh, and I have a photo of me with Sky signing my CD, which I’m not posting here because I was in houseclothes as I was planning to do only errands that day. Haha.

Serendipity, really. I love these boys.

So, what do you think ?