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Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Philippines 2010 – Part 1


WordCamp is an annual conference held in different countries around the world where WordPress enthusiasts and experts meet to discuss blogging, talk about the web, and geek out over their favorite CMS (content management system). The Philippines has a WordCamp every year now, but for I missed the registration deadline last year, so I wasn’t able to attend last year. I sword I’d try again this year, and managed to get in. Registration closed months before the event, and I got put on a waitlist, but enough people backed out (thank you!) that there some slots were made available. So yeah, Wordcamp Philippines 2010 last October 2 was my first!

The breakaway talks were great. I attended Integrating Social Media by Misty Belardo, WordPress as CMS by Kevin Codamon, and Optimizing WordPress Webserver Performance by Eric Malloy. Every one of them was interesting and I learned a lot, especially about the latest blogging and web publishing trends and practices.

Of course the highlight of the day was WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg’s talk and Q&A in the afternoon. Not only did he get to speak to us about what’s currently going on in the WordPress world, but he answered questions from campers. I took a video of the talk/Q&A and will be posting it in three parts. Sadly, I didn’t get the whole thing as my digicam ran out of juice. Still, I hope you enjoy and learn much.

Here’s part 1:

See you at WordCamp 2011!

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