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The essays in After the Storm were mostly written in the midst of and immediately after the recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. The writers share their experiences of the typhoons, their insights and reflections, their hopes and aspirations. Long after the news media has moved on to the next big headline, After the Storm hopes to stand as a written record to remind everyone that this happened. We were there. We are still here.

After the Storm - Cover

“After the Storm: Stories on Ondoy” is a collection of essays and photos about last year’s super typhoon Ondoy (international name:Ketsana) by people who have lived through it. It’s put together by Elbert Or and published by Anvil Publishing, and all proceeds will go to charities to help survivors rebuild their lives. Yes, many of us lost a lot, like cars and houses, but have moved on a year later, but others are not as fortunate as us, and still need help getting back on their feet.

One of the essays in the collection was written by me. Well, it was originally a blog post about me and my friends’ experience volunteering in the relief efforts, and Elbert contacted me, told me about the project, and asked if I’d like my essay included in the book. Of course I said Hell Yes.

So when it comes out in bookstores next week, please go buy my book. It’s for a good cause, and the stories and photos are pretty good (echos!).

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