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Gaeran mari!


So I finally found a Korean place for my gaeran mari fix. It’s ridiculous, really. I saw someone eating it a few times on TV, and I thought it looked really good. Then I saw this place at the food court that had it, and oh my, it tasted just as good as it looked.

Gaeran Mari

It’s basically an omelette that’s been rolled up and sliced into maki-like pieces. This one has seaweed and, I think, crab sticks. And green onions, I think. I need to learn to make this one day.

Oh, the place is called Kim ‘n Chi at the food loft of Robinson’s Pioneer. The gaeran mari is about $1.25 for four pieces (they had 5 pieces left tonight, so they gave me the last piece).

So, what do you think ?