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Allowing myself a little hope


Let’s face it, we Pinoys have been burned a lot of times. Presidents make a lot of promises, but things just get worse and worse. The presidential hopefuls I like never actually get there, and right now I’m seriously considering looking for a new country.

Now we have a new president. I’m not that keen on him, what with all that religious posturing (Really, you can’t make up your own mind, you had to go to a retreat to decide?) and disappointing cabinet member choices so far (Sec. Cabral was doing a great job, you couldn’t have kept her on?). Still, I’m glad to be rid of Arroyo. And it feels nice having a popular president for a change — you feel most of the country getting together in spirit to celebrate (what’s left of) our democracy. Also, from what I hear, Pres. Aquino’s inaugural speech kicked ass.

Which is why, I guess, yesterday I did something I hardly ever do. I bought a newspaper.


I’m hoping that one day I’ll look at it and not want to burn the thing. That’s as much hope as I’m allowing myself these days.

Congratulations on your new president, Philippines. Try not to screw it up (I mean you, Philippines, because clearly he’s not going to accomplish anything on his own).

So, what do you think ?