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My poker phase


So I played real poker for the first time last night. And when I say “real”, I mean a game that was not played in my Mom’s dining room, and that did not involve my 10-year-old nephew (by the way, that kid can bluff like no one’s business). It wasn’t as scary as the first time I played mahjong outside the home, actually. I’ve played mahjong long enough that I can read the tiles with just the tips of my fingers, but when it’s against hardcore gamers, everything goes really fast and it’s hard for me to keep up. Playing at that poker house, however, was not as cut-throat, and the dealer is always nice enough to tell you how much you need to call when it’s your turn.

I lost about $50, but it was a lot of fun, and I got to win one hand by bluffing my ass off. There are just some things you gotta do at least once in your adult life. (Not that I’m never doing it again. Like I said, fun.)

So, what do you think ?