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I’m gonna be on a boat


Leaving for Singapore later today. Yeah, it’s my first trip out of the country, it’s kinda pathetic.

Anyway, there was a mix-up with our booking, and it turns out that my return flight to Manila from Singapore was actually a Manila TO Singapore flight. Jetstar wouldn’t refund it, but they agreed to change the date. I haven’t even left for Sing yet, and I already have a ticket to go back there. Aigoo. And here I was still undecided whether I should go back there for R’s farewell party. I guess I’m going now. I’m not complaining — the party’s going to be on an effing yacht. Plane ticket to Sing, $xxx. Being there when we throw R overboard for fun, priceless.

My first trip abroad and I’m going to be traveling by myself. Also, because R is sleep-deprived, no one’s picking me up, and I have to take a cab to his place by myself. Wish me luck.

So, what do you think ?