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U-KISS interview - Master Showman

At around 9pm last Saturday night, while M., D. and I were hanging out at M’s place, we get a message telling us to get our asses over to GMA 7. Apparently, U-KISS, who were in town for a mall tour, were going to be at a show which will be taping in an hour. I couldn’t name single song of theirs to save my life, but, hey, I love me some k-pop, and D and M liked them, so off we went. It was pure serendipity that all three of us happened to be at M’s place, which was really close to GMA.

The show being taped turned out to be Kuya Germ’s Master Showman. Due to some mix-up at the gate, it took some time before we were let in, and by that time, the group was already doing a run-through of their number. Boy, did we run on the way in. There was no audience, but I guess they thought it would be nice to have fans in the studio during the taping. The Kissme’s** had banners and stuff, and screamed their hearts out. It was fun. And the boys were very sweet, always waving at us and goofing off to amuse us off-cam.

We took a bunch of photos. I’ll post the videos here as soon as I have time to do post-prod.

Catch the interview on the next Master Showman, which airs on Saturdays. Come back to the Philippines soon, U-KISS!

* Trademark – M.T.
** Kissme – fan of U-KISS

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