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Lee Min Ho, we meet again


I think I’m addicted to Étude House. I only went in for mascara and some eyeshadow, I swear.


Also, you know you’re getting old when you feel the need to buy stuff with collagen in it.

Oh, and that folder and diary with Lee Min Ho’s face on them were free, so shut up. I did ask them if they had Park Shin Hye folders, because I already had one of Min Ho, but they didn’t. They probably thought because most of the stuff there was for girls, they’d prefer stuff with a cute boy on them. Which is kind of unfair to lesbians, now that I think about it. Which is sad. Because that shop is my happy place. It’s so … pink. And their make-up brushes feel like they’re made from baby skin or something. And I love their cream eyeliner. And they have drugstore make-up prices, except Maybelline never gave me free stuff when I used to buy from them. I want to go back tomorrow for the concealer. I never use concealer. Please stop me.

So, what do you think ?