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This is what I'll be doing on march 6. on Twitpic

So my “You’re Beautiful” obsession has come to this– 4th row seats* to the FT Island showcase on March 6. My friend M. and I will be ogling our pretty little blond Lee Hong Ki to our hearts’ content.


It’s also part of the plan to throw as much money to the event as possible so they’ll bring Hong Ki’s “You’re Beautiful” co-star Jung Yong Hwa‘s band C.N.Blue over here for a show too (same music label). Preferrably after Kang Min Hyuk’s** and Lee Jung Shin’s birthdays because I still feel a bit creepy ogling 18-year-olds.

Speaking of C.N. Blue, welcome to my LSS***.

*Girl selling us tickets:”Do you want center left or center right?”
Me: “The seats closest to Hong Ki, please.”
Girl:”Hey, A., which part of the stage does is Hong Ki usually at?”
A: “Left”
Me: “LEFT!!!”

** Incidentally, the prettiest drummer. Ever.

*** Last Song Syndrome

So, what do you think ?