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Crime! Cops! Groceries!


So the other day, I was loaded with groceries, in a cab heading home. Along Pioneer, the idiot cab driver decides to make an illegal U-turn to avoid the sea of traffic. Unfortunately there were cops there. Lots of them. When asked for an ID, he gave them what apparently turned out to be a fake PNP ID.

“Are you a police officer?” one cop asked him. Cabbie tries to evade the question. “So you’re NOT a cop then?” the officer pressed him.

Exactly what was the protocol in all this? Usually when my cab is stopped by cops for a traffic violation, I usually wait it out. This time, it was beginning to look like the cabbie was going to get arrested. Pretty soon, there were FIVE cops outside the driver’s window. So I gathered my shopping bags to get ready to leave.

One of the cops was nice enough to open my door for me, and offered to get me another ride. “That’s ok,” I told him. He had better things to do than get me a cab, after all. And I did see a bunch of unoccupied taxis pass that corner.

Before I could leave, another officer spoke to me. “Miss, you’re a witness, OK? You saw him give us a fake ID.”

“Huh? But. I didn’t actually SEE the ID he gave you, so I wouldn’t know if it was fake or not,” I said. I had no problems being a witness to crime — yes, crime! — but I’m only telling what I actually saw.

“So… can I go now?” I asked timidly. The officers nodded. OK, so the whole witness thing was just to scare the cabbie who already looked scared sh*tless. I walked to a less busy spot and tried to get another cab. As luck would have it, it took me ten minutes.

The tragedy in all this was that my cabbie’s biggest crime was stupidity. He made that traffic violation deliberately, AND made things worse with that fake ID. There should be some way to screen for IQ when I pick taxis, that’s all I’m saying.

So, what do you think ?