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Lunar eclipse! A blue moon (that’s not really blue)!


Folks in Europe, Africa, and Asia can say goodbye to 2009 by viewing a very slight lunar eclipse on the last day of the year: Thursday, December 31. The event lasts for about an hour starting at 18:52 UTC, with deepest eclipse, such as it is, at 19:22.

via 2009 says goodbye with a non-blue lunar eclipse | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine.

That’s around 2.52 a.m. on January 1, local time here in Manila. Now I just have to find a spot in my neighborhood with a view of the moon. I’m not optimistic, though. By that time, the air will be thick with smoke from firecrackers exploding all night. And even if I could stand breathing that to find a good spot to moon-watch outside, people will still be exploding firecrackers around me. And looking up at the sky while things are exploding around you is not a very sensible activity, I think.

So, what do you think ?