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Makes me wonder what a Scientologist vampire novel would read like


Because life is short and I have yet to find time to read a fraction of the books in my collection, I have never attempted Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” books. Besides, from what I have seen of the pirated copy of the movie adaptation of the first book, feedback from my friends and the synopses I have read, I’m afraid I might damage something in my head. Also, I do not derive entertainment from abusive relationships, even fictional ones. Of course, I think adults should be free to read whatever they like. Besides, no matter how insane the stuff that happens in those books are, they’re nothing compared to the sex and violence you can find in the Bible. At least Meyer is passing her stuff off as fantasy.

However, I’m taking a break from my busy evening to bring you the funniest of all the blog posts/articles I’ve read about the fourth book of the series: THE DEVIN’S ADVOCATE: WHY BREAKING DAWN MUST BE MADE INTO A MOVIE. The comments below the text (last count: 101!) are almost as funny as the blog post itself. Except the parts where the commentors kept blaming Meyer’s awful writing on her being a Mormon (clearly these people have not read Orson Scott-Card). Does anyone here actually think she would be a better writer if she were, say, Catholic?

So, what do you think ?