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And now for some public service for those of you with little children.

Creative Advocacies - ArtEd

From Creative Advocacies:

We are now offering the FIRST art class in the country that focuses on art as a learning tool in academic subjects. Supplementary classes for math, science and reading need not be boring! Higher level thinking skills are developed as children learn art. Kids can have fun and increase learning abilities in reading, math, and science too!

We are now offering the basic module for kids 5-10 years old. The basic module (12 sessions) is a pre-requisite for the Art in Reading, Art in Science, and Art in Math classes. Enrollment is limited to 8-10 kids per class.

Enroll now for the ArtEd Project and get a cd free of photos of the kids at making art! Call 535-3751 for inquiries or email Nerissa at

So, what do you think ?