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I have never been really fond of fruit. Fruit for me is something you put in cakes and whatnot to give flavor and sweetness. I don’t even like fruit ice-cream as much as I do ice-cream flavored with chocolate, caramel, nuts and other non-fruit things. (Favorite: vanilla) And it’s not even just a matter of taste. These darn things don’t keep well. You can’t freeze them, so you have to eat them within a few days or they go bad and start to stink up the kitchen. However, because fruit is Good For You, I do eat it. In a manner of speaking.

Fruit shake: Take six ice cubes and put in blender. Grind them down to tiny bits. Take a few bits/slices of fruit — banana, papaya, apple, grapes, etc. — and add to ice. Blend. Pour into tall glass, stick in a bendy straw. Drink.

Skip the sugar; you don’t need it. Be sure to keep the peel on the apple as it’s supposedly the most vitamin-packed part of the fruit.

Had the flu for a few days now, and the fruit therapy seems to be working.

So, what do you think ?