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(Last updated 12.09pm 27 Sept 2009, Manila Time GMT+8)
I felt like an ass, mostly because I remember how I kept whining this afternoon about how the rains were ruining my plans for the day. I had school and a meetup with a few friends, then Kajo and Budjette were giving a talk at powerbooks, after which I was supposed to go to the gym. And then there groceries I needed to pick up. Then the situation got serious.

So the typhoon we’re calling Ondoy has wreaked a great deal of havoc on the country today, mostly Luzon, as far as I can tell. Neither I nor the roommate could get out, as the floodwaters outside the gate were thigh-high. Turns out, we were lucky. In other places, entire houses were submerged, and people were sitting on their roofs waiting to get rescue, some of them with no food or water. There was no flooding inside our compound, and even if there were, my apartment is on the 3rd floor. My worst problem would be boredom, which was unlikely as the power stayed on and Internet access was fine. It’s terribly unfair. And there was nothing I could do.

It’s 4am as I write this. The rains have stopped — at least in my area — and I’m hoping this will allow the floodwaters to subside, and by morning it will be easier for rescue efforts to continue. Today, we are hoping we can start to rebuild. And if you want to help, these websites have information on hotlines and where to give donations or volunteer in the relief efforts. There’s even a way to donate through SMS, if you don’t want to use a credit card or have to go out to bring cash to the donation centers. Technology FTW!

A couple of my friends are in Boracay right now. Can I just say — this was an unexpectedly perfect time to go out of town to a beach resort? (Apparently it was really windy there yesterday, but it only made it perfect surf weather.) Hope the airports start operating soon, so you don’t get stranded there, but then there are worse places to get stranded in, right?

ETA (4.43am): The train lines MRT and LRT will be running 24 hours a day. I’m so glad there’s still a way to get around. This will really help, I think.

So, what do you think ?