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All I remember was he was wearing a black/blue jacket and had an accent I couldn’t place


Dear Guy Who Left the Line in the Powerplant Mall Taxi Stand To Use the Bathroom and Asked Us To Hold His Place For Him,

Sorry, you just took too long. There were six others in front of us when you left, but by the time those six left, you still weren’t back. What guy takes 15 minutes to use the bathroom, anyway? There are never any lines in the men’s room. We would like to think that on our way back, you saw a couple of your friends at, say, Brazil Brazil, and decided an all-you-can-eat meat buffet is much more fun than riding a cab through friday night-Oktoberfest-typhoon traffic. We would like to think you would be having fun, rather than have to go to the back of the line and start all over again.

At least Powerplant has these vans that will shuttle you home for free if you live in the Makati area. Which is kinda sweet of them, don’t you think? At least they keep the lines for the cabs from getting too long. You may not have too long to wait.

So my friend and I got the next two cabs. Yes, I too, thought of having a buffet or a drink while waiting for traffic to subside, but I have another class in the morning at nine, and my homework isn’t going to do itself.


So, what do you think ?