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Noynoy Aquino to run for president in 2010

Tinatanggap ko ang hiling ng sambayanan. Tinatanggap ko ang tagubilin ng aking mga magulang. Tinatanggap ko ang responsibilidad na ituloy ang laban para sa bayan. Tinatanggap ko ang hamon na mamuno sa laban na ito. Tatakbo po ako sa pagka-pangulo sa darating na halalan (I accept the voice of the people. I accept the advice of my parents. I accept the responsibility to continue the fight of the people. I accept the challenge to lead in this fight. I will run in the coming elections),” declared Aquino.

Dude, a bunch of people sucking up to you and others asking you to run does not constitute “the voice of the people”. It’s the voice of some people, not the people. Ideally, it’s an election that determines what the people want.

[quote1]I’m just glad he didn’t bring up again the idea that God asked him to run for president. However, it’s still something he’s trying to put out there. After all, while people were waiting for him to make up his mind, he went on a spiritual retreat. Obviously, despite questions about his ability to lead, he has gotten the hang of being a trapo. Not only is he part of a political dynasty, but he can pull a political stunt like the best of them. (The whole “chosen” deal is way, way more effective than just declaring yourself to be a God-fearing person — which is just amateur hour.) After all, the religious sheep of this country — and there are a great many of them — prefer having their decisions made for them by a higher power. Because it’s so hard to decide right from wrong, which is why the Church is there to tell us what books or movies not to read/watch, and when to have sex. Who could argue against a man who has been chosen by God? I don’t even know why we even bother having a democracy, when, judging by the way people have been behaving for the past several decades, we clearly prefer a monarchy, where the King’s power and right are supposedly given by — you guessed it! — God himself. In Aquino’s case, it’s even better because God personally enlightened him to His will. Like I keep telling people, always listen to the voices in your head.

By the way, why do politicians always talking about “fighting for the people”? Fighting against what, exactly? We’re not under foreign occupation or control — as far as I know the only people that’s been screwing up our country is ourselves. We screw ourselves when we embrace our culture of corruption and laziness. We screw ourselves when we keep electing public officials whom we know are dirty, for stupid reasons such as their talent for public piety, giving us personal favors or the promise of future favors, and being on TV. If a politician is to fight for the people, then I can only assume he’s going to fight .. the people. Or he’s just saying he’s fighting because it sounds good in a sound bite.

(Sen. Mar) Roxas, who was one of the earliest to announce his plans to seek the presidency, last week gave up his ambition and yielded to Aquino, saying the fight for 2010 was a fight for the country and went beyond personal interest.

Oh, so your plan to be president was motivated by personal interest. That’s good to know. It’s so hard to find honest politicians these days. (Someone please tell me the news article quoted him out of context. I’m at the end of my tether here.)


  1. Major Tom

    Apparently, Noynoy Aquino could not do away completely to do away with political kitsch. This must be the greatest challenge that he would be facing, where in him lies the burden to prove that he is not after all to be yet another political opportunist – among many.

  2. Dick

    Nicely said.. 😉
    Maybe its about time we do something about it. Any suggestions? 🙂
    I’m all for choosing the right candidate and all, but I’m not so sure there are any. So I’m brought back to where I started, from being screwed. :S

  3. Tania

    Dick: Yup. Just like the rest of us 🙂 Which is why I dread elections. It always seems like a damned if you vote, damned if you don’t vote situation.


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