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Yes, I remember the names of the cute ones


Overheard, while in line to buy tickets to “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra”…

A lady: “Why is every screening ‘G.I. Joe’? Is that what you want to see?”
Her kid:”I thought you said earlier it looked baduy?”
L: (Watching the trailer playing on a loop above the ticketing booth. The Eiffel Tower gets hit by green goop and starts to collapse.) “It looks good! Maybe we should see it. Hey, isn’t that .. that guy?”
Kid:”Yeah, yeah, Channing something. The guy from ‘Step Up’.”
L:”No! It’s the guy from ‘Prison Break’!”

(At this point this movie geek is mentally facepalming herself, and biting her lip, trying not to correct the lady.)

K:”Nah. That’s not him.”
L: “Yes it is! What’s his name again?”

(“The ‘Prison Break’ guy was Wentworth Miller! This is Channing Tatum! They’re cute, they deserve to have their names remembered.”)

K:”Hey, you know the contrabida girl? She ends up with G.I. Joe.”

(His name is Duke, not G.I. Joe. G.I. Joe is the name of the organization, child. And really, Duke and Baroness have a thing?” At this point my inner child just died a little. Also, the two left the line, so my anguish was short lived.)


  1. Wes

    The Duke + Baroness love angle made me gag 🙂

    And I miss the Baroness’ transilvanian-I-vant-to-suck-yooor-blud accent from the original cartoon too. Its just not the same without it.

    Even that cute little girl from Orphan had that thick borsch accent 😀

  2. Tania

    Wes: Yes, that was one of my disappointments, Baroness’s American accent. I guess it didn’t work with the storyline they made up for her.


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