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Right now, as I type this, they’re having some sort of debate at the House of Representatives over House Resolution 1109. I don’t have TV, and even then I’m here at the mall right now, using the free WiFi to work. Anyway, Manuel L. Quezon III is live-tweeting the proceedings. I’m sure the proceedings will be less odious when read as tweets than watched on video, anyway.

Anyway, speaking of government!Fail, check out Patricia Evangelista’s PDI article and Ian Casocot’s blog post on the senate hearings on the Hayden-Halili sex video scandal. Yes, non-Filipino readers, you read that right. The Philippines is so prosperous and crime-free, our elected officials have nothing better to do than hold hearings on publicly leaked sex videos. Because the public obviously must be protected from … sex. I mean, it’s not like Mindanao is full of terrorist bandits who kidnap people on an almost weekly basis, public school kids have to hold classes outside under the trees because there are no classrooms available, and the country is battling for the top crown of Asia’s most corrupt government. (Of course, it’s horrible that these women were unknowingly videotaped during intimate situations and these videos were leaked, but, come on, let’s have some perspective here.)


So, what do you think ?