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So we went to watch Star Trek


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Manila Trekkies represent! (I’m the dork in the civvies.)

It was around 4pm that BG who worked at the Solar network texted me to say he had passes to his company’s premier of the new Star Trek movie. Not only was it — hello!– Star Trek, but I had been staring at the computer non-stop for two days (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit), so I needed to take a break and … stare at another type of screen.

So roommate and I (the three of us were college buddies) went over to his office to pick up the passes, and also to convince him to temporarily forsake his domestic duties and come with us. We succeeded, and by 5.30, all three of us plus BG’s co-worker who was the one who actually scored the passes were on a cab, slowly making our way through the rain and the traffic to the Mall of Asia. When three thirtysomethings and a twentysomething are stuck in a cab for 45 minutes, this is how the conversation goes:

“Can we get passes to the G.I. Joe movie premier too?”

“OMG, G.I. Joe is gonna be awesome.”

“Why doesn’t Cobra Commander appear in any of the trailers?”

“Do you think they’re gonna do M.A.S.K. next?”

“Oh, Jesus, so long as it’s not Sky Commander.”

“Is that the one with the guys in exo-suits that can fly?”

“No, Sky Commander is the one where people get around by rappelling cords attached to their backpacks. That was lame.”

“Dude, the guy who produced M.A.S.K. just figured in a political scandal!”

(At this point, the twentysomething was officially lost.)

I miss my cartoons.

We made it in time for cocktails, and twenty minutes of sitting in the IMAX theater with a fifteen-second Banco de Oro ad playing over and over (just the audio). The movie was awesome, we were blown away, and I have since forgiven J.J. Abrams for all his past sins (with Alias and Fringe, he took two of my favorite genres and shit all over them). Our seats, however, were too close to the screen. Have you ever tried watching an IMAX screen from row D? It’s like trying to read the small print on a medicine bottle while riding a motorcyle over a road full of potholes. When there are phasers firing and ships crashing into one another on the screen, it’s ten times worse.

I might have a proper review of the movie — with spoilers which I will duly hide from passing eyes — soon, but in the meantime, just go watch Star Trek. I don’t care if you’re a Trekkie or not, or if you’ve seen any Trek TV or movies before. If you like fun, you will like it.

And for the true geeks, here’s a link to Phil Plait’s review of the science in the new Star Trek movie. I wish he had said something about the “adjacent planet” mentioned in the movie. Wouldn’t adjacent planets be touching each other? Can someone help me out here?


  1. iggy

    LOL I used to haaaaaaaatttte Sky Commander back in the day. How effective could you be in combat while tethered to a cable?

  2. Wes

    My fave was Visionaries, haha. I’d like to see that get turned into a movie. Is there anything campier than having to utter poetry to be able to use your powers?


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