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Moving on


So that’s that. Submitted my StraMa paper yesterday. Now all I have left to do now is procrastinate setting up a schedule for my defense.

I just found out a couple of my college friends are taking the law review at my campus, and another one is here for as yet unknown reasons. Roommate and I are meeting up with them this weekend to do something Caligula-ish. (I mean the drinking part only, as I prefer to, uh, couple outside my circle of friends.) Also this weekend, roommate and I are moving to the new, bigger apartment. Today, we warmed up by moving in a few boxes — two of books, one of porn — and a few other things we wouldn’t need until after this weekend. Such as the thing you use to iron clothes on, which I use about twice a year. No, I don’t know what it’s called. Why do you ask?

Meanwhile, according to the Twitternets, Neil Gaiman and John Hodgman are meeting up for sushi.


  1. arci

    Hi! how are you?

    Are you Tania Arpa of Zamboanga City; Ateneo de zamboanga?

    I know a friend back then



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