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That’s why they have all that yogurt


Just got back from a great dinner at New Bombay in Glorietta. Y. and M. wanted to order all the dishes mild, but I managed to politely convince them into agreeing to have them make the Tawa Gosht spicy (“What are we, pussies?”). We expected we would be screaming for milk* after a few bites, but despite a bit of sweating and heavy panting towards the end of the meal, we managed to finish dinner without our mouths catching fire. The wait staff were very prompt and helpful, and the manager dropped by our table to make sure we had everything we need.

We were so eager, we forgot to take pictures. Why do I need pictures? Because although I’ve had Indian food before, it was officially my first time to an Indian restaurant. Yeah, I know, I’m such a loser. (In fairness, I have an Indian-American brother-in-law. What bearing that has on this issue, I just don’t know.) Of course, we had to solve the no-pictures problem, so we decided we were going back next weekend. Yes, for pictures.

[New Bombay delivers! (+63-2)986-8622 (Makati) and (+63-2)637-4367 (Mandaluyong).]

* In case you didn’t already know, milk works better than water when trying to take the spice out of your mouth. The manager felt our pain and sent over some complimentary yogurt. Everyone was so nice.


  1. missingpoints

    Hehe. Ordering it mild at New Bombay kinda defeats the purpose. Eggplant barta, spicy, with lots of rice and veggie samosas. Heaven (or whatever is heaven for Hindus).

    The branch at dela Costa (the original) is cheaper by around 10%.

  2. Tania

    Hi Patrick šŸ™‚

    Ordering it mild at New Bombay kinda defeats the purpose.
    Exactly what I thought! It’s ok, the prices were still pretty reasonable. We were already in Glorietta anyway.

    We’re totally going back next weekend.

  3. V-Ray

    Hi Tania!

    I brought my sister there for a merienda cena 2 weeks ago. It has then officially become her favorite restaurant. The food is truly good.

    Take care! šŸ™‚


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