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2nd Freethinkers Forum – “Freethinkers in an Unfree World”


I apologize for not having posted this sooner. But some seats are still available, so please come if you’re interested. If you’ve never met any of us before, we’re a fun bunch, so don’t worry.

I’m bringing muffins.

From Red at the Filipino Freethinkers website:

Where: a conference room in Ateneo (Katipunan) (ISO building near Xavier and Bellarmine bldg.)
When: 2-6PM – Saturday, March 28, 2009
What: Filipino Freethinkers Forum 2

Practical Freethinking: Freethinkers in an Unfree World
The problems freethinkers face in Filipino society and
the alternative solutions to cope or deal with it

Free admission
Free food

Anyone willing to discuss issues relevant to the theme within the framework of freethinking (reason, evidence, free inquiry).

Seats are limited so reserve your slot now!
To reserve, please visit:

Or fill up the following form and email them to me at red{at]filipinofreethinkers[dot}org :

*TELEPHONE: (Preferably cellphone, for texting purposes)

For questions, comments, or suggestions, email me at the address above.

Thank you, and reserve your seats soon!

So, what do you think ?