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Flu officially started today. I’m not really surprised. I’ve been checking my Facebook newsfeed and apparently there’s a bug going around.

As per usual, I’m doing Berocca therapy today and tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, I will move on to our traditional family remedy — alcohol.

This illness comes at a really bad time. I have a Strategic Management (StraMa) paper to finish in three weeks, I wanted to hang out with my Aunt R., who is in town for one more week only, and this blog needs updating because the school madness of the past few weeks had left me with no time to write. Good grief, I just saw my favorite Dollhouse episode so far and I need to rave about it.

What do they say in that reality show? That you gotta model through this?


  1. wes

    whedon never fails to amaze, if I had half his writing talents, well… umm… i’d technically be half a whedon, bwahaha…

    hope you get well soon


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