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My day at the market


Went to the Salcedo Weekend Market today. Here’s the rundown:

Celeb sightings: (1) Edu Manzano, who was checking out the steaks, and (2) Ariel Rivera, who was at the playground, presumably watching over his kid. (Not as awesome as Gloria Diaz showing up in the organic produce stall reminding my friend A. to wash her salad greens well before serving, but what are you gonna do.)

All veggie eggplant lasagna from the Mantequilla stall. I’ve had this before, and it’s still as awesome as ever. Plus, the serving is HUGE. PhP155 ($3.28).
All veggie eggplant lasagna

Fish in tomato sauce with olives. I can’t remember what kind of fish it was, but it was good. PhP220 ($4.65)
Fish in tomato sauce, tinapa rice

Not a huge fan of tinapa, but the tinapa rice was pretty good, and went well with the fish. I tried it because I decided I cannot keep ordering the paella every single time I’m here. PhP75 ($1.60).
Tinapa rice

A. had the Calzone from the Mantequilla stall. Also yummy, and also a very large serving, so a great deal at PhP160 ($3.38).

Froyo’s frozen yogurt. The guy, David Einstadt, made the froyo himself, served it out of an ice-cream cart and gave out free tastings. He told Y. that if you stood there long enough tasting flavors, you’d be able to get enough samples for a single serving free. But we bought some anyway. Y. bought some first to see if it was good, then A. and I got ours. We wondered what took Y. so long to get it. We found out it was because (a) he chatted up all his customers and (b) he had a LOT of customers. But he was very nice so we didn’t mind the wait. He told us someone else had already registered Froyo’s so when he opens his shop in Pasig, his frozen yogurt will be called Einstadt’s.
Frozen yogurt

I had the strawberry and vanilla. PhP65 ($1.37) a cup, PhP200 ($4.23) a pint. The vanilla, by the way, is made with real vanilla beans.
Frozen yogurt

For entertainment, there was a guy playing the sax. I wondered if he wanted us to throw tips into his hat, but I saw that he was wearing it.
Sax guy


  1. Lorenzo

    when you saw Edu at Salcedo is he checking the uncooked marinated steak? or the cooked one? What time do you saw him?Also, do you still remember if on what booth he was?

  2. Tania

    Hi Lorenzo! He was checking out the raw steaks. I forgot the name of the booth, though. Why? Where you there too?

  3. Lorenzo

    no im not with him, he is a good friend of mine . is the steak he was checking looks like 3 pcs of steak in a brown box? what time he was there?


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