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Lunch, and other things I ate today


In lieu of posting anything deeply philosophical, I give you the things I ate today.

Lunch was penne with chicken and tomatoes, one of the few edible entrées I can make on my own.
Penne with chicken and tomatoes

Leche flan for dessert. I used ramekins this time, instead of the usual tin molds.
Leche flanLeche flan

We had dinner at Tiendesitas tonight, at Hacienda, this new restaurant M. wanted to try.

It was quaint, with cool old furniture and dishes. There was even a bunch of old LPs on display.

We had kare-kare, two kinds of sinigang and adobong puti. The food was good. (However, I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures.) And best of all, they had coffee, the purchase of which was my main goal that evening. This is Kalinga Gold, one of the best reasons to wake up in the morning. Or afternoon, whatever the case may be — I’m not here to judge your sleeping habits.

Afterwards, we had coffee at the nearby McCafe (don’t ask, long story). The coffee was all right, and the spinach quiche was good according to my friends who had it.
Spinach quiche

The desserts, however, were godawful. Here are the remains of the mudpie and peach boat tart.
Mud pie and peach boat tart

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a midterm exam I need to study for.

So, what do you think ?